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Established in 2001, Theatre Link specializes in providing services for North American performing arts organizations in building the highest quality artistic products (sets, costumes, props, footwear, wigs) from the world renowned Vozrozhdenie, Russia’s top theatrical workshop. While staying within production budgets, Theatre Link has provided exceptional creative service for our valuable clients. For more information on Vozrozhdenie, click to go to their Website.  
Since its beginning, Theatre Link has provided excellent customer service in creating custom built sets and costumes for companies known for their stunning theatrical productions such as New York City Ballet, Ballet Internationale, Cincinnati Ballet and Sacramento Ballet. Many of those productions have also been used by companies such as Washington Ballet, Atlanta Ballet, Alabama Ballet, Austin Ballet and others. With such a highly regarded list of clients and the extraordinary craftsmanship that goes into Vozrozhdenie’s sets and costumes, it’s no wonder that Theatre Link has far exceeded its own expectations and has rapidly grown to be one of North America’s most important contributors to quality theatrical productions.  
Vozrozhdenie’s product is based on the richest traditions of theatrical arts in combination with the latest technologies making it economically attractive while visually stunning. All of us at Theatre Link are very excited about opening up new creative possibilities for American theater.  
Theatre Link has seen incredibly dynamic developments within our corporation and we’ve broadened our services to represent internationally recognized designers, artists, choreographers, ballet dancers, legendary ballet teachers and ballet photographers. Theatre Link also offers rental of conductor scores, piano scores and orchestra parts for ballet performances. A large selection of spectacular sets and costumes for full length and one act ballets and repertoire shows, along with dance floors, are also available as rentals.